Obviously you need to take backups of your data, both for accidental deletion and total loss. Backups need to be reliable, comprehensive and demonstrably effective.

  • Backups can be to a number of different media types
  • We can layer backups to give 1st, 2nd, 3rd lines of defence
  • Backups need to be offsite both physically and virtually
  • Online backups need a 2nd offload to protect against hacking
  • Speed of recovery can be helped by technologies such as shadow copy
  • Backups need to be tested


if all backups can be accessed from the source server then your data is not safe



Our customers use a variety of technologies and media for backup and data security. These include RAID configurations, external drives, tapes, mirrored NAS and cloud backup.

We also offer local server backup that is then replicated to our own servers, providing non-connected offsite backup, monitored by us.

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Using Dropbox or Google Drive for your data ?

If you store your data in an online service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, then you still need to take backups. Whilst these services offer file level recovery, folder level recovery is much more problematic.

An infection of a connected machine could wipe out your entire Dropbox folder.

We can sync your folder and then take dated backups off-site. There is no setup cost and we charge a simple monthly fee for the storage used.

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