Device management


  • Asset tracking - free for all contract customers
  • Asset status automatically updated
  • View hardware and software configuration online
  • See when devices are offline
  • Add antivirus and content filtering remotely
  • Perform cloud backups remotely
  • Remotely wipe company tablets and phones

A central place for all your devices

How many PCs and Laptops do you have? What version of Windows are they running. Do you have a list of serial numbers, memory configuration and hard disk size? Creating such a list then keeping it up to date is both essential and time consuming. Developing your systems and planning budgets rely on this information as does our ability to support you. That’s why we provide free asset tracking to all of our contract customers.

  • Start with free asset tracking (included in contract)
  • Buy other services on a per device basis
  • Services are billed monthly - pay for what you use
  • Server monitoring - checked every 15 minutes
  • See antivirus / content filtering status online
  • Take Control gives instant remote control for support
  • Remotely wipe company phones and tablets


Asset tracking is free (for all contract customers)

antivirus from just £2 per month
mobile device management from £1.25 / month




Now you know what you have

With the information collected, you can the bolt on other services to your workstations and switch them off and on as required.
Is anti-virus software running on all your PCs? Do you want to filter websites for particular units? Perhaps remote machines need to be backed up to a cloud resource.

Servers - monitored

Every morning our helpdesk looks at the current status of all of our client’s servers. This includes backup outcomes, disk space, services running and a host of other variables. This allows us to proactively prevent issues or respond quickly as they occur. These same checks are then repeated every 15 minutes - alerting us as soon as something changes.


It’s not just desktops and laptops

If you provide tablets and phones to staff, how can you retain control over these devices? With company data accessible on technology that can so easily be lost or stolen, you need a way of reaching out to that device and removing the data or wiping/disabling the equipment. Our remote device management can put you back in control.

The services you want - starting from free

Asset tracking
Our free asset tracking utility is installed on each workstation. This updates a central portal and keeps a track of the hardware and software configuration for each workstation (Windows and Mac).

Server monitoring
We can monitor your server for you - adding it to our Helpdesk checks every weekday morning and then monitoring it’s status throughout the day. For this we charge £30 per month. Any subsequent remedial work required is then charged against your contract. (£20 service activation applies)

Additional services
Once the managed client is installed, we can add other services on a per device basis if you require them (or you can simply use the free asset tracking). 

Antivirus / Remote Control
Using BitDefender, our managed antivirus client can be installed and then monitored remotely and Take Control functionality adds instant remote access for support.

Content Filtering
Restrict which websites the machine can visit and report on internet usage.

Online backup
Take backups of your workstations, or select just key folders.  You are charged for the amount of data you select for backup and the allocation purchased can be shared between workstations.