Field Support

remote and field team support

Whether occasionally or frequently, you or your staff are bound to need remote access to email, data and systems at some point. The speed and effectiveness of these links if going to have a direct impact on your business yet it doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Technology has moved on hugely and we can now provide all sorts of remote working at very little cost

  • A direct helpdesk function - no need to call head office
  • Managed hardware inventory
  • Collect and dispatch with hot spare availability
  • Hardware and software repairs
  • End of life equipment repurposed for spares or recycled
  • Time based or all inclusive contracts
  • Remotely wipe company phones and tablets


flexible contracts available - ideal for field marketing teams



The modern office is changing. For one thing, you may have staff who work from home on one or more days of the week. If you run field marketing or sales teams, you may have staff who visit the office infrequently if at all. Engineering staff might work predominantly from customer sites.

As you would expect, we can handle all the requirements for the remote connection of these staff to your data and applications. But we can also handle the support for these staff at a distance. If you have remote workers, then the support for the hardware and communication devices that they use becomes critical to their productivity. Unable to move to another desk in the event of problems, they are vulnerable to faults. Furthermore, if they report these faults to staff in your office, then they involve other staff in the issue causing further loss of productivity.

We can help with this. We can provide a direct helpdesk function for your remote staff. We can manage their hardware inventory and dispatch hot spare equipment and offer remote control support to keep them working. We can also repair and repurpose returned equipment, keeping your replacement costs low. End of life hardware can also be broken for spares or recycled.

Managing your field teams properly can keep them productive and we have the experience to do this effectively.

for pricing options look at our support contracts HERE