Google Apps / GSuite


If you're considering moving your email and perhaps some of your data storage to the cloud, then at some stage Google Apps should come up in the conversation.

We now support a number of businesses that have embraced the Google Apps platform. As an alternative to using Office 365, it is a technology that needs to be adopted wholeheartedly as it will inevitably be a different experience for your user community. That said, if implemented well it can transform the way your users work and the ways that you access and share data.



Google Apps is a complete departure from the Microsoft installed software base and you can (and perhaps should) dispense with Microsoft Office altogether.

If you manage that level of seperation, then you have the option of using Google Chromebooks rather than laptops running Windows.

A Google Apps implementation will work best if all of your other business applications, such as account or CRM systems, are also entirely cloud based.

If you're looking at Google Apps for Business as an alternative to Office 365 or indeed if you already run it and need support from a company that understands how it works, then use the Enquire button to get in touch.

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