What does a 'bespoke' CAD machine look like?

We often talk about the 'outstanding' CAD systems we build for clients, but since these are always bespoke creations it's not something that we stock or demonstrate except to the recipient.

Why build bespoke when there are off-the shelf workstations from companies such as Dell or Lenovo? These have their place but when you see the specifications we're supplying, you'll see that there isn't really a comparison with off-the-shelf equipment.

This week we've supplied another version 6 render station, designed for use with Autodesk vRED.

This unit was also supplied with a commercially licensed HTC Vive

A typical specification for the version 6 render station is currently:

Intel Core i9 7900X 10 - core up to 4.2GHz - liquid cooled
Intel X299 chipset motherboard supporting 3-way SLI
NVidia Quadro P6000 with 24GB video memory (3840 CUDA Cores, 24GB GDDR5X, 384-Bit, 432 GB/s bandwidth, 12 TFLOPs, 4x DP 1.4, Dual Slot)
1000GB M.2 Solid State Drive, 3500MB/sec
1TB SATA Performance mechanical HDD
1200 watts PSU
Optical drive
Turncloud  TC Render case
Windows 10 Pro 64bit


We supply CAD machines for both CPU and GPU intensive applications from straightforward designer workstations to high-end rendering equipment.

If you have equipment or an application that is not performing or are outsourcing your rendering requirements, why not talk to us about our bespoke CAD systems.