Stop your server spamming your phone

Over the last couple of years the problem of Spam appeared to have lessened a little. This was partly down to improvements by Microsoft and Google on their online filters and with the inclusion of spam filtering free on many POP accounts from your Internet provider.

For those customers running their own Exchange server, such as the one installed in Small Business Server, email is delivered directly to the Exchange database and then pushed on to smartphones and tablets independently of being opened in Outlook on a PC or laptop. Because email is direct to the server from the sender – spam remains an issue and the filters supplied with Exchange do not appear to be coping.

The result is that a spam blocking program or rule doesn’t prevent spam from interrupting you on your smartphone – making the phone less useful as a business tool and desensitizing you to new emails as they arrive.

There are a couple of solutions to this problem. One option is to have all your email pass through a cloud based spam and virus filtering service, such as Symantec Cloud. This is extremely effective and offers other features such as email storage when your server is down and protecting outbound emails from blacklisting. But it’s an all or nothing installation – you have to purchase a license for each mailbox, including those that are lightly used or are not currently experiencing spam problems.

An alternative is to install software on your Exchange server which will interrogate emails as they arrive but before they are placed in the user’s mailbox. This means that the cleaning takes place before mail is pushed to your smartphone. You can purchase a number of licenses that is less than the total number of mailboxes you run and then enable it for those mailboxes only.

Our preferred product for this is Spamfighter for Exchange and we already run this for a number of customers with good results. Typically, we’re blocking 40-65% of inbound emails as spam, which has quite an effect on the workload for both office based and remote staff. Costs start at around £ 14.50 per mailbox year but reduce as the number of licenses increase.

We can offer a fully functional free trial of Spamfighter for Exchange for 30 days if you’d like to see the product in action. Just call Simon Gray on 01844 202763