Be more secure - step 1 - router credentials

This week we're suggesting a few simple things you can do to make your systems a little more secure.

Every router has a username and password to get in to the configuration settings. Some will allow you to view the configuration but will then require a password to change it. Most routers supplied by an ISP will have a unique password but this will usually be on a sticker or card attached to the box. New routers purchased directly will have a generic username and password that is the same for all of that manufacturer’s equipment.

Therefore one of the steps you should complete when setting up a router is to change the username and password straight away. This is particularly important because routers advertise their make and model to the network and once you know the make of a router a quick Google will give you the default username and password.

These credentials are changed by logging in to the router through a browser. If you are able to change the username (it’s usually admin) then we suggest you do, but you should definitely change the password. Make it a strong one – you’ll rarely need to use it. Please make sure you record it somewhere safe too – if you forget it you’ll have to factory reset the router to get back in.

At the same time we would change the Wireless network name and password. If you're only giving wireless access to staff, then make your network name something non-descriptive rather than your company name. If it gives you the option, set up seperate networks for staff and visitors and restrict visitor access to internet use only.