Coming up in 2017

Happy New Year !
As we start a new year we’re developing a few initiatives that we started in 2016. Some of you are already familiar with our server and workstation monitoring service and recent changes at LogicNow promise to bring additional benefits for clients that use or are thinking of using this technology.

AVG have now been purchased by Avast and we are working with our new contacts at Avast to see how this will help with their managed antivirus products. We have been a fan of the consumer versions of Avast and it’ll be interesting to see how this translates in to a business offering.

Backups and Servers

For those of you with Windows Servers, we’ll be continuing to offer local and then remote offsite backups, using the excellent Arcserve UDP software. This allows for multiple daily backups that are compressed and de-duplicated, so that the amount of data sent offsite is much smaller than you might think. The backup times are also greatly improved – so an overnight backup can often be achieved in minutes.

If you’ve moved away from a traditional server to a new generation of NAS (Network Attached Storage) server, then we have a backup solution for that too. We now host NAS backup servers for several customers, so you no longer have to swap disks to get an off-site backup.

A growing team

We’re growing. 2016 was another target beating year so we’ve decided to squeeze in another desk and add to our technical team. Stefan Majcher joins us this week and he will be introducing himself either on the phone or onsite in due course.

What next for 2017 ? Cyber, Networks and Phones

Given the unexpected twists and turns of 2016, it would probably be foolish to try and predict too much for the coming year. It’s not too much of a leap, however, to expect network and cyber security to feature heavily in much that we do. We spent the autumn swotting and will soon be offering help with formal government accredited cyber security certification. We are already taking a couple of customers through this process – more details on this next time.

We've also teamed up with a local telecoms company to offer phone systems. Modern networks and IP phone systems are so inter-related that it seemed daft not to. A new customer system went in just before Christmas so if this is something that you're investigating, then be sure to let us know.