Technical: Creators update breaks mapped drives

Almost since the dawn of time, systems administrators have been mapping network drives for their domain users as they log on. The original way of doing this was through a .bat login script placed in SYSVOL scripts but a later and neater solution was to put a user entry in the Group Policy.

That's all been working swimmingly until the 1703 Creators update for Windows 10. After this update the drives would still map ok, but some or all of the drives would not be visible in File Explorer.

So if you opened a command/powershell prompt and typed "Net use" you would see the drives mapped correctly, but they would not be visible in File Explorer.

Our immediate response to this was to defer feature updates until we found a fix - which is what we've now done.

The fix is a registry change. you need to create a new DWORD value in;



EnableLinkedConnections and set the value to 1

That's it. From then on your existing user mappings should work.