Case study - network across a car park

When a customer outgrew their office space a number of years ago, they expanded to an overflow unit on the same industrial estate. On the same estate, but about 70 metres away across a busy car park and road.

With staff fairly evenly split across both buildings, we needed to join two fairly sizable networks. Treating the two buildings like branch offices was possible, but would have duplicated costs and presented difficulties with their existing on-premises phone system.

We looked at wireless options at the time, but in the end we chose a Geodesy laser link, giving 100mb with a line of sight laser connection. It’s a solution that has worked well, with only occasional difficulties causing the line to degrade or in a few cases fail.

As the company has grown further,the speed and resilience of the link has become even more critical. Consequently they asked us to consider a backup link that could be implemented in case the laser failed. We looked at the practicalities of running a fixed fibre-optic link, but the path around the estate would have been problematic and potentially impossible.

So we decided to look again at the idea of a wireless solution; something we had rejected when implementing the laser. Having worked with Ubiquiti over the past few years we knew that wireless technology had moved on considerably. So we pitched a 450mb aggregated AirFiber link between the two buildings, mounted alongside the existing Laser which we would retain as a backup.

We completed the installation in just a few hours and without taking down the service between the buildings for more than a few minutes. The laser link can be enabled when required and the speed between the buildings is much improved.

If you have a physical requirement and had perhaps not considered wireless then talk to us. We’d be more than happy to provide a survey on site and explain what’s possible.