Free IT Review

Could you describe the way your IT system works, what you have and how it functions?

Whether you manage you IT systems in-house or an external company provides support, it's useful to take periodically take stock of how your systems operate.

We offer a simple IT review to local businesses. This includes a look at;

  • Your workstations and operating systems
  • Your cyber defences
  • The network, it's design and performance - including wireless.
  • Where your main data stores are and how they are secured.
  • Backups and recovery procedures
  • Email and remote access
  • Local and cloud applications

We complete the review onsite, starting with a look at one or more workstations, your server setup (if applicable). We then talk to you about what we find and ask a few questions that help us develop an overall picture of the technology you're using. This process takes around 45 minutes. We then send you a brief report by email, detailing what we've found and offering recommendations if needed.

All information recorded is kept in the strictest confidence and we do not record any access details or passwords.

If you think it would be useful for a fresh view of your IT setup, then request a review using the button below.




    Turncloud provide support for networks, servers and all IT hardware. We're familiar with all Microsoft products and many 3rd party accounting, business and production applications. Talk to us about on-premises and cloud solutions for email, data storage, backup and security.