Support Contracts

Support Contracts

Like part of your team

• Technology support - regardless of platform

• Onsite and Helpdesk cover included

• No charges for travelling time

• Cloud based call tracking and reporting

• Practical support - hardware & networks

• Regular reviews & service reports

• Server & Workstation monitoring available

• Up to 60% saving against ad-hoc rates

• Onsite, remote, phone or workshop

Whether you need an engineer onsite right now, or need help to plan the development of your IT systems over the coming year, we can supply the support you need.

Our support staff provide first line support for all your installed technology, liaising with your other equipment suppliers (such as phone or print) if required.

A solid foundation

The IT requirements for your business will change, but change is difficult to manage without a solid base to work from.

Our first task with any client is to stabilise the current systems and plan for growth. The auditing and monitoring systems we install allow us to do this as well as identifying weaknessesin the current configuration.

  • Quarterly support or all-inclusive - it’s your choice

  • Unused minutes roll forward to the next quarter

  • Time can be used for onsite, workshop and Helpdesk

  • All inclusive contracts also cover all work types

  • Reasonable notice periods on all support contracts

  • Field & Remote worker support

Hourly rates £75 per hour or less (on contract size)

All inclusive contracts available - ideal for decentralised teams


Part of your team

Your IT systems, phones, printers and applications are all interconnected, yet you probably source these from a number of different suppliers. We’re technology specialists and we can help you plan changes, even when the solution is from another provider. Having someone on your side to ask (and answer) key questions will help you implement new business processes without unnecessary downtime or disruption.

Field support

If you have sales, marketing or technical staff in the field, then their productivity can be severely compromised by equipment failure.
We can provide direct field support which limits the disruption for office staff and provides for rapid support to your remote workers.

What’s best for you ?

Quarterly support contracts

We provide quarterly support contracts to businesses. You pay for a number of minutes per quarter and we then bill against these for all work - include onsite visits, workshop work and assistance from the helpdesk. If, at the end of the quarter, you have minutes left unused then we carry these forward in to the next quarter (subject to a maximum of 1 quarter’s minutes). If, on the other hand, you have used more than your allocation then these additional minutes are charged at your hourly rate.

Hourly rates are from £75 per hour and reduce as more hours are purchased.

For example, for 3 hours per quarter, you would pay £72 per hour or £ 216 per quarter.

All inclusive contracts

You can fix your support costs for the year by choosing an all inclusive contract. This is especially useful if you forcompanies with many decentralised staff, such as field sales or marketing teams.

Support costs are charged on a per user basis, so you can easily calculate your costs based on the number of staff in your organisation. We would validate staff numbers based on user accounts in your network.

Costs vary depending upon the complexity of the workstation configuration, the number of staff covered and whether server support is also required.

For example, a company of 12 staff, some of whom were remote workers, might pay £25 per user per month for all support or £ 3600 per year.


We can add server, workstation and device asset tracking and monitoring to all of our contracts - giving you complete visibility of your network and systems.

Workstation and Server asset tracking is included free of charge for all contracted customers. Once in place, this can be used for anti-virus, content filtering and cloud backup if required.