Mail Security

mail security

Emails that arrive at your organisation represent one of the major security risks to your data and networks.

It is less common for emails themselves to carry infections, as most email providers are able to clean infections before delivery. But email can still carry hyperlinks to infected websites. These phishing attacks are often targetted at the least technical members of your staff and once successful, can compromise your entire network.

  • Anti Virus and Anti Spam protection
  • Cloud and on-premises solutions
  • Domain management to prevent blacklisting
  • Anti Phishing controls
  • Email archiving and continuity protection
  • Solutions from one mailbox to an entire domain


INbound email is one of the largest risks to your organisation



We have a number of procedures and products that can assist with this. We can scan all inbound and outbound email for viruses and spam. We can configure your mail gateways to reduce the likelihood of inbound phishing attacks and can prevent your mailservers being the source of such attacks.

We can manage your domain settings to make these attacks more difficult and reduce the likelihood of your servers or domain being blacklisted.

We can even store and archive inbound and outbound email live so ensure continuity of operation should your mail servers be down.


ask us about archiving email in transit to and from your domain