Managed Workstation

Are all the computers in your network up to date ? Would you be safe from another Wannacry style event ?

Whilst there are no absolute safeguards, keeping the software on your PCs up to date is the best protection you can employ. Without a centralised update platform, your current level of protection is only a best guess.

managed workstations

Every PC, every laptop in your organisation needs to be managed. Microsoft produces updates, as do Adobe and Java and a range of other software packages.

Whilst some updates provide enhancements, many are security fixes to patch vulnerabilities.

To make sure that these updates are applied, you have two choices. You can visit each machine and perform the updates to Windows, Adobe, Java, browsers etc or you can schedule a software tool to do this for you. Current good practice for cyber security suggests that you should do this every 14 days at least.

We provide a workstation management service that keeps your machine up to date and enhances the support we provide with easy remote-access tools and checks.

Can be deployed to some or all of your machines

Perhaps you have a remote team that is hard to manage and keep up to date. We can set up rules for remote teams including scheduled tasks, updates and scans.


1 - 9 workstations  - £ 8 / workstation / month

10-24 workstations - £ 7 / workstation / month

25 + workstations - £ 6 / workstation / month

At a glance

  • Updates to Windows and major applications monitored
  • Scheduled installation
  • Remote control / Remote background for support
  • Integrated checks
    • Vulnerability scans
    • AV and Firewall checks
    • Hardware status
    • Failed logins
  • Scheduled tasks

if you would like to trial this service free for 1 month, then let us know through the enquiry form below.