Office 365


The most effective way of embracing cloud technology is to move your email to a cloud server. Technogies such as Microsoft's Small Business Server have now been replaced by Office365 (so called because it is a subscription for a year).

If you are used to Outlook as part of Office for Windows (or indeed Mac) then Office 365 is the obvious choice. We can help with Google Apps too - more about that here.

Office 365 provides access to yor own cloud email server (an Exchange server), a sharepoint server, some cloud storage and use of the main Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook) for an annual fee per mailbox (user).

Prices range from around £42 per year to £113, with the largest costs being for full copies of the Office software.

  • Office365 mailboxes start at around £46 per year
  • We are full Office365 partners and can set up everything
  • Our migration tools reduce downtime
  • The Office365 costs are the same through us as direct with Microsoft
  • You get the latest version of office as long as you have a license in place
  • No more expensive fileservers, POP email or difficult device setup.


Office 365 accounts start at around £46 per year



Office 365 is a great technology but getting from where you are now to a full cloud implementation can be daunting.

Thankfully, we've done this load of times and can complete the whole process, at a fixed cost.

We have a number of migration techniques that mean you suffer much less downtime than you might if you completed the work yourself.

We can also implement Sharepoint sites and online storage. You have the flexibility to use these technologies for the same annual fee.

We've done this loads of times and can complete the whole process at a fixed cost.