web protection

External websites provide a link between your network and the outside world. Whether deliberately or inadvertantly, it is possible to infect a machine simply by visiting and infected site.

It is also possible to fall victim to a phishing attack by visiting a rogue site that looks genuine.

  • Web protection limits access to malicious sites
  • Determine which types of sites can be accessed
  • Blacklist and whitelist sites
  • Set schedules for different types of activity
  • Protect your employees from inadvertantly accessing unpleasent content
  • Set up for one machine or all the machines on your network


protect your employees and company from dangerous content



We can add web filter protection to one or all the workstations in an organisation and then report on blocked and allowed web activity.

As part of our device management suite, web protection allows legitimate and safe internet use within your organisation without putting your network or staff at risk.

Whitelists and Blacklists, along with policy schedules, allow you to control the access that you wish to allow.

web protection costs £2 per device per month and can be activated on any or all the machines in your network