Wireless installations

If you are relying on the Wireless signal from your broadband router, then you may not be aware of the features available in a business-grade wireless setup.

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Centralised, business wifi

Whilst many broadband routers offer a wifi signal, the features and capabilities of this bundled service do not compare well with proper wireless access points.

A good wireless access point should:

  • Offer strong coverage and seamless roaming where multiple points are used
  • Seperate guest and non-guest traffic
  • All for many connections - good systems allow unlimited connections
  • Provide centraralised configuration and reporting
  • Offer a wide range of speeds and protocols
  • Be robust and capable of being mounted anywhere - even outside
  • We can link buildings with point-to-point WiFi too

Additionally you may want scheduled WiFi operation, hotel style voucher systems and first-page redirection on connection. All of this is possible, even on modest systems.


fixed price installation

We can offer you a fixed price for installation (see example pricing below). On larger installations, it may be necessary to carry out a site survey. The cost of this is refunded if you proceed with the order.

What is an access point ?

A Wireless Access Point provides the signal that your devices connect to. This configuration is held within the access point, but in our networks can also be held on a server or PC in your network. This allows for additional access points to be added to improve range and for changes to be made centrally that are then adopted across the network.

The access points we use can be powered by the data cable that they also require. This means that the installation can be less obtrusive than other more-bulky equipment.


Example pricing

The access points that we use come in a range of models that offer differing speeds and ranges. The example below is for a unit that would happily cover a small to medium warehouse unit and mezzanine office area, with perhaps 20-30 connections.

Long range access point                    £ 175.00

Installation                                          £ 195.00

Total (excluding VAT)                          £ 370.00